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Like any small business today, social media has helped Teesgift build traction for her brand. Teesgift audience mainly resides on Instagram, but she fills in the gaps with Pinterest and Facebook. However, Teesgift doesn’t just limit her brand to social media alone. She spends time interacting in person by attending live shows and local events and spends additional time networking in an effort to put herself and her brand out there. Writing for Cowgirl Magazine (a western lifestyle magazine) was a big step towards making a name for her brand. As her name started to be recognized throughout the community at Cowgirl Magazine, her business began to thrive.

Growth was slow at first, but with the help of Cowgirl, her blog, and Instagram presence, Teesgift brand has begun to flourish. “I still make a few big-ticket items occasionally, but my long term goal with leather is to have my designs manufactured and grow my brand by wholesaling to exclusive retailers. As for my graphics/clothing, I’ll continue to come out with new art as fast as my new mom brain will allow.” Teesgift wants her designs to reflect the uniqueness of the customers that buy them as she continues to be inspired by her western lifestyle.

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